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Dee DeeReeves Biography Photo Dee DeeReeves Biography
Born: 11/5/1962
Aliases: Susanne Brecht,Dee, Dee Dee

Home Town: Seattle, Washington, USA
Nationality: American
Measurements: 48DD-26-38
Bra/cup size: 48E (same as DD cup)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Born: Susanne BRECHT.
Dee Dee Reeves the blonde bombshell with big boobs.
Dee gets her name from her two most noticeable assets -- namely her incredible and totally natural set of 48DD breasts. Her chesty treasures have gotten her plenty of porn work since she decided to make the leap into hardcore in 1991. Dee Dee Reeves' breasts aren't the only thing she's got going for her, though. She's a likable, fun-loving lady with a winning smile and a nasty side that comes out whenever it gets a chance. Her penchant for unbridled passion makes her a sure bet to be one of the hottest big-boob starlets of the decade.

A native Washingtonian Dee Dee Reeves was a stripper in Seattle, Washington. One day John Stagliano offered to her to get in porn. First shot was the famous Buttman's Big Tit Adventure. Her Fans always remember with her unbelievable and perfectly natural set of 48DD breasts. She worked as a dancer in many clubs and made more than 50 big-boob titles. It was easy to make that much in a short time with her 48DD breasts. In 1998 suddenly she made an unusual decision to have a breast reduction while she was running very fast on the big boob movie line.

Ms. Reeves is just another example of how modeling can lead to further success in a woman's professional life, if the woman is creative, determined and a good business woman. Dee Dee Reeves took her modeling career and propelled it into a business of her own. Retired from modeling, Dee Dee is now running her own modeling agency in Seattle, Washington. We have no idea how are Dee Dee Reeves' girls in her agency ! Also she has been in several well know magazines.

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